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Madison Real Estate - Stop Light! LA madison real estate Listing Agent
These are the Ordinary Agents you call when you see a sign in a yard of a home for sale, or when you call about an ad you see in the newspaper, or when you walk into their open house on Sunday afternoon. These Agents are obligated to get the best price for the seller. These Agents become "Dual Agents" if they represent a buyer on the sale of one of their company's listings.
Madison Real Estate Caution Light BA madison real estate Buyer's Agent, [Including Designated (Dual) Buyer's Agent]
These days, everyone wants to call themselves a "Buyer's Agent". Buyer's Agents that work in an ordinary real estate office that takes listings can indeed represent a buyer, but if that buyer wants to purchase a home listed by that same company, EVERYTHING goes haywire as the intra office alarms go off. Suddenly, the company and its agents--yes, your former buyer's agent--become Dual Agents and have to go neutral, incapable of offering any advice or advocacy that would be contrary to the best interests of the other party, or, in a move that allows the company to reap a double payday, they may transition into what is known as a Designated (Dual) Buyer's Agent. Think about it: How can two agents--FROM WITHIN THE SAME COMPANY--fully represent the interests of two OPPOSING parties in the same transaction, without conflicts of interest having an impact??? THEY CAN'T!!!! [Click Here] for the straight story on Designated Agency.
Madison Real Estate Green Light EBA madison real estate Exclusive Buyer's Agent
This type of Agent works for a real estate company that never takes any listings, rather, chooses to represent BUYERS ONLY - 100% of the Time with never a possibility of becoming any type of dual agent! This is how we work...offering you 100% Representation - 100% of the Time. Where others have incentives to put together deals and/or get higher prices...all of our incentives are geared toward getting you the lowest price, at the best possible terms.

Ask yourself...which you would prefer?

  • An Ordinary Agent who represents the Seller?
  • An Agent (Dual) representing both the Seller and the Buyer at the same time?
  • An Exclusive Buyer's Agent who only represents YOU, the homebuyer? (And whose services come to you at no more cost than any of the lesser choices.)

If your choice is the obvious preference, and you would like for us to share how we can best serve your needs, please fill out our form now. 


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