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Madsion Homes and Real Estate - Search Here

You are about to register to search for Madison, Wisconsin area real estate and homes that are listed for sale. By providing you with this home search link, we are not endorsing any property that you may see listed for sale. The link is merely for your convenience to be able to do some looking around "on your own."

While browsing properties within this link, you will have the ability to make contact with the listing agents of these houses directly.  Two words of Caution:


In short, ANY contact from you to them can end up compromising your ability to choose any other licensee to represent your interests later, on the home about which you've inquired, due to a concept called Procuring Cause. Via procuring cause, you may unknowingly give up your right to legally and/or realistically choose your own agent to represent you in the pursuit of that home.

Remember also...the listing agent REPRESENTS the best interests of the seller of that home. Hence, the listing agent of that home is, AT THE OUTSET, in a position that is CONTRARY to yours as a BUYER.

.South Central Wisconsin area

Should you desire more information concerning ANY home you see, just let us know. We at Excel-Exclusive Buyer Agency, as members of the South Central Wisconsin Multiple Listing Service, have fingertip access to that information and you won't give up any of your rights to representation by contacting us.

If you are ready, register to Begin Your Home Search Now.



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