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For Madison Real Estate - Why Use Excel-Exclusive Buyer Agency?

Excel-Exclusive Buyer Agency was founded in 1997 on the premise that buyers of real estate should not be treated as second class citizens in a real estate transaction.

Though it has always been the buyer whose purchase money allowed for payment of ALL real estate brokerage fees in a transaction, only recently has the buyer been afforded ANY right to representation of their own, at no additional expense, through the concept of buyer agency.

Yet, even with the advent and acceptance of buyer agency, the home buyer is still not guaranteed of receiving the most important benefits of buyer agency--advice and advocacy--because of the conflicts that can arise when using buyer agents whose firms--and often themselves--have loyalty obligations to sellers.

The only legitimate way to avoid this conflict, is to use agents who do not work for companies that list property. These agents are called...exclusive buyer agents.

Reifert Family (Jay, Karen and the Kids)

The Years Just Keep Going By

Jay Reifert, Broker/Owner of Excel-Exclusive Buyer Agency, has been actively involved in the real estate business since 1988, primarily representing buyers since 1992 and exclusively representing buyers since 1997.

Excel-Exclusive Buyer Agency is South Central Wisconsin's oldest, most experienced...and most successful exclusive buyer agency firm.

If you'd like to experience what it's like to have access to a firm that believes in putting the interests of the client ahead of all others, including their own--a statement we can prove, in a multitude of different ways--please don't hesitate to contact Excel-Exclusive Buyer Agency.


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